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Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems - Northen Beaches - Maintenance/ Replacements

Ozplumb Northern Beaches specialises in Hot Water Maintenance and Replacement. If your System is leaking or you have no hot water, Call Now to receive immediate diagnoses and Upfront Pricing for the solution to your Hot Water Dilemma!

  • You may just need a new thermostat, thermocouple or element replacement.
  • You may just need a new Sacrificial Anode. (Prolong the life of your HWS)
  • You may need to replace your expired hot water system - Gas or Electric - No Problem
  • You can Upgrade in size or change from Electric to Gas
  • You may consider the Instantaneous Gas systems for space saving and energy efficiency.
  • There are many choices, so call us and we'll help you make the right choice.

Hot Water - Safe Temperature Control

Protect your family from hot water scalds - Ensure your Hot Water is a constant Safe Temperature.

By having a Licensed Plumber install an approved Thermostatic Mixing Valve/s (TMV) or Tempering Valve/s you can be sure your hot water will be flowing at a safe temperature.

Some Instantaneous Gas Hot Water systems can be purchased with approved 'Pre Set' temperature control, in which case you will not need a valve installed. This may be a good option if you are replacing your old hot water system.

All New Homes, Renovations or Newly Installed Additional Plumbing Fixtures must have an approved temperature control device installed - This is an Australian Standard requirement.

We can advise you of the best option for your hot water temperature control.

Temepering Valves & TMV

High Performance
Thermostatic Mixing Valve

How To Prolong the Life of Your Hot Water System...

Sacrificial Anode Replacement

If your hot water system is a Storage Mains Pressure System it is likely to have a Magnesium Sacrificial Anode installed. The anode will corrode away before the storage tank rusts thus prolonging the life of the cylinder.

The original anode normally lasts 4-7 years, after which time the heater rapidly starts to rust and the rust can contaminate your hot water supply.

If the Anode is replaced every 3-4 years, the life of your Hot Water Heater will be extended quite significantly and prevent premature replacement of your system, potentially saving you thousands of dollars before you really need to spend it!

The cost to replace a sacrificial anode is approx $200 - supplied and installed.

By replacing your anode every 3-4 years your Hot Water System life expectancy could double or even triple - saving you $$$!

Above - A New Anode compared with a 6 year old anode


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