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Blocked Drains/Repairs

Health Hazard & Property Damage

Blocked sewer drainage is a health hazard and blocked stormwater drainage can cause flooding and damage to property.

If you hear gurgling noises or water is slowly draining away - don't delay, these are warning signs that a partial blockage has occurred and it will just get worse!

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Tree Roots

Tree roots cause 70 to 80% of sewage overflows.

They gain entry into broken or cracked drainage pipes and become an on going problem. The roots can be cut out using an electric eel or water jetter but will always return (weeks or months) depending on the type and aggressive nature of the roots and will cause further blockages and inconvenience.

Some problem tree species and damage ratings are listed below.

You should avoid planting these species close to sewer or stormwater pipes.

Plant roots extend about one and a half times
the distance of the branches.

Typical Drainage Problems:

Unstable ground, excessive pressure from vehicles or improper installation may also cause drainage to break or crack resulting in blockages. Other common problems are gullies or inspection points that have been covered over with filled ground or landscaping mulch making it difficult to gain easy access to clear the blockage. If this is the case locating equipment can be used to find the access points.


Broken Pipe Hidden Gullies or
Inspection Points
Cracked pipes with
Root Infestation


Clearing The Blockage

Clearing blocked drains is an essential service that we carry out quickly and effectively with minimum disruption as possible to get your drains flowing again!

Once access to the drainage system has been found we will use an electric eel or high pressure water jetter to clear the blockage. This could be a permanent solution if debris (such as silt or foreign objects) in the pipe has caused the blockage or a temporary solution if tree roots have caused the blockage

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Diagnosing the Problem

We recommend diagnosing the cause and pinpointing the problem area to enable accurate assessment and pricing to rectify the root infested drainage and prevent the problem recurring.

An accurate diagnoses (using a CCTV Drain Camera and Navitrack Locator) of the blockage, will reveal the cause of blockage, location and depth of pipe. After this assessment, money, time and effort will be saved with pinpoint excavation and thorough replacement of the old broken pipes.

Fixing the Problem - Permanently

When the old drainage has been exposed, replacement of the old broken and root infested drainage pipes can be made using UPVC pipes for a permanent and trouble free solution.

Ozplumb Northern Beaches' experienced Technicians have carried out hundreds successful clearances of sewer and stormwater drainage blockages and now with the technology of Camera and Location equipment, below ground drainage repairs and replacements have become more effective, efficient, and economical for the property owner.

So if you hear that gurgling noise phone or email us now and we'll attend to your drainage problem before it does serious damage to you or your property!


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