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Rainwater Tanks Northern Beaches

Rainwater Tanks Northern Beaches


•    We sell our tanks at competitive prices - Try us & save!

•    We install all tanks (Sydney Metro area only)

•    All shapes, sizes & colours available

•    Custom sized built tanks  (Colourbond Steel only)

•    Full Manufacturers Warranties

•    Pumps & accessories

•    Free Delivery to most areas

•    Free Advice - we listen to your needs

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Tank Size

Generally, the more water you can harvest the better off you are, so always go for the largest tank possible that will fit into your environment and remains as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Consider that an average four-person household uses around 7,000 litres of water each week.

 •5,000 litres for all non drinking household use such as flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens, washing car

 •2,000 litres for some household use such as toilet flushing and watering a small garden area.



Round or Slimline Tanks

Generally tanks are round or slimline. Slimline tanks usually have a maximum capacity of about 3000 litres (poly tanks) or larger for custom built colourbond steel tanks. They are usually installed against an external wall and are approx 300mm to 800mm in width. Round tanks (Poly, steel or concrete) range from 200 litres up to about 30000 litres


Polyethylene Tanks

Commonly known as 'poly' tanks are made from durable food grade polyethylene. They are UV- resistant, light and easy to transport. They are available in many shapes, sizes and colours and can be placed above or below ground.


Colourbond Corrugated Metal Tanks

 Metal tanks are light and easy to transport, can be custom made and are more suitable for above ground. These tanks come in a variety of colours, have a protective coating and look really smart.


Concrete Tanks

 Concrete tanks can be built on site or pre cast and brought to site and are durable and long lasting. They can crack, especially if they are below ground in clay soil. They're good for stopping algae growth and they keep water cool.


Bladder Tanks

 Excellent for under house situations with limited height. Can hold up to approx 10000 litres and will fit in between brick piers 1500mm apart



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